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8 Simple Steps to Register a Trademark In Dubai

Now that you have decided to start a business in Dubai you need to familiarize yourself with trademark registration laws in the UAE. If you don’t register your trademark, any third party vendor or service provider can misuse your company logo to gain credit without hard work. So if you don’t want someone else to infringe your brand name you need to follow these eight simple steps to register a trademark in Dubai.

Step 1: Understand your Business

Before you register your brand name you need to know what is intellectual property. Intellectual property is nothing but an asset which is a result of the human mind’s creativity. It can be an idea, design, trade secret, invention, process, patient etc, it forms an integral part of business formation. When you plan to start a business you will begin to notice other organizations that own similar products and services. So in order to distinguish yourself from your competitors you need a logo or mark which gives you a unique identification. Registering your trademark gives you sole ownership of the company and entities you global ownership rights.

Step 2: Create a Unique Brand Name

You need to create a unique brand name which could be a logo, motif, word mark, pattern of colors, a sound track. This brand name must be pertinent to your business and must abide by the rules put by the trademark committee ministry of UAE which is founded by the gulf corporation council.

Step 3: Search for Duplicate Trademarks

No matter how well you design your trademark it will be denied registration if it happens to remotely resemble another brand. So avoid this situation you need to make sure that your mark doesn’t resemble another brands by conducting an online search by visiting trademark electronic search system database. This database contains the trademarks of all registered companies all over the word. All you do is key in your trademark and check if any other organization has a trademark that resembles yours and make changes accordingly.

Step 4: Get help from Professionals

It is better if you get help from a leading international corporate law partner to assist you in the trademark registration process. Some companies provide trademark registration serviceswhich are highly beneficial to company owners. They appoint attorneys who assist you with every aspect of trademark registration right from designing a trademark up to registering it. If you are planning to do it yourself it will be a tedious process which could take months.

Step 5: Fill in the Trademark Registration Application

If you are looking forward to set up a company in Dubai or any free zone areas in UAE you need to submit an application to the ministry of economy and commerce. You might need the help of a translator to guide you through the process as the application form must be filled in Arabic. You need to place fourteen specimen drawings of your trademark in the form. You can get help from any locally licensed law firm in UAE to assist you in the application process.

Step 6: Track the Status of the Application

After you submit the registration application the ministry takes care of the other processes. If the ministry detects inappropriate or incomplete information the application will be rejected. You can also track the status of your application online or through an attorney. If the committee’s report does not favor your requirement you can choose to file an appeal in civil court.

Step 7: Publish your Trademark

The trademark application will be published in the UAE official gazette, this will be done by the ministry itself. You will be requested to publish your trademark in the nations two leading newspapers. If you get any opposition from the public regarding your trademark you will be given a time of thirty days to address the objection. You need to file a written notice to the ministry to defend the objection.

Step 8: Wait for Approval From the Ministry

If there are no objections from the public then the ministry will decide whether to approve or reject your trademark. If they object it you can make an appeal to the trademarks committee of the ministry. If the ministry approves the trademark you need to send a notification to the chambers of commerce and industry for final approval. Once it is approved you are the owner of your trademark and no one can infringe your mark. However you need to renew your trademark every 10 years by paying a small amount to the ministry.


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