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Why Plastic Bags are Ideal To Package Almost Anything

While most people oppose the use of plastic bags because they are “bad for the environment” I tend to disagree, partially. While almost all plastic bags “were” bad for the environment, because they take forever to decompose, apart from their other harmful effects, change is a constant. And change or advancement has led to the development of plastic bags that are not as harmful, degradable and safer for use. These plastic bags are not only a better, safer, greener choice over paper and other plastic bags but also ideal for packing for many reasons.

Degradable and Biodegradable Plastic Bags:

Degradable and Biodegradable plastic bags are safe for use and can be reused, recycled or disposed of. The Bio-degradable types of plastic are those can be decomposed by living things like insects and bacteria. These plastics are of two types, those that are made from renewable raw materials and those that have additives to make them (more) bio-degradable. In simple terms, these bags are safer to use and are not as harmful to the earth and everything in it as plastic bags that are not degradable. 

Types of Plastic Packing Bags:

While there is an endless list of the types of plastic packing materials and plastic bags, all of these come under two basic categories, woven and non-woven. Woven plastic bags come in a wide range of choices for standard and special uses. These plastics are specially treated to package chemicals, to enhance its resistance to moisture, UV protection, and so on.

Reasons Why Plastic And Woven PP Bags Are Ideal For Packaging.

While not all these are 100% bio-degradable, there are many advantages woven plastic bags and sacs possess that make them an ideal choice. Here are a few reasons that make them the perfect choice.


Products made with PP are strong and last long. When PP is used to make threads that can be woven into a fabric, it results in a light weight, durable material.These bags are deigned to resist damage with rough use, extreme conditions and to protect the items stored within.


Plastic and PP Woven bags are made to cater to the needs and applications of a wide range of industries. They can be used to store any products from pet food, grain and fresh produce to chemicals, drugs, and medicines. These bags come in many types, which are designed to add special features to the bag for a broad range of applications.


Plastic bags are highly versatile in both the way they are produced and in their uses. They can be produced to meet any specifications, be it size, shape, design or color. A few types of PP woven bags produced today include BOPP bags, UV stabilized bags, laminated bags, and lined bags.

Special Features:

While standard packing Plastic bags are good enough to package various goods, they can be enhanced to protect the goods from a range of special factors. WPP bags have a longer life span and are more resistant to damage and wear than the standard type. These bags are UV stabilized and treated for added protection and strength. Coated bags are lined with a thin coating of poly film to improve the resistance of the bag to humidity. This helps keep products like fertilizers protected from damage. HDPE and LDPE Lined bags are more resistant to moisture, reducing the amount of moisture retained in the bag.

Paper Coated Plastic Bags have three protective layers which make them very strong and resistant to tears and punctures. The bags have the strength of a WPP bag on the inside and are coated with a layer of refined Kraft paper.

A few other types of bags include Valve, Gusset and BOPP bags that offer producers with a wider range of choices to choose from. Choosing the right type of bag is based on several key factors like the type of goods, quantity, type of protection and so on. Find your ideal plastic bag and the right plastic bag manufacturer in the UAE Today.


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