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What Wallpaper Trends Are 'In Style' Now

Wallpapers are probably the most inexpensive way to make your home or office look amazing. When I say probably, I’m leaving a little wiggle room for the naysayers who would disagree with wallpapers being the most inexpensive alternative. If you ever want to change the look of feel of your home, repainting, redecorating and changing your furniture is either a little extreme or is sure to cost a lot. That’s where wallpapers come in.

Wallpapers are used around the world not only in homes, but also in hotel rooms, motels, bars, restaurants, hospitals, offices, classrooms, and in so many other places. Choosing a wallpaper can either be the easiest thing or the hardest thing to do. Though wallpapers can easily be changed whenever you get bored of an old one, it does involve quite a bit of work. You can choose from any of these types of wallpapers, that are in trend or that never go out of style.

Latest Interior Wallpaper Trends
Here’s an updated list of wallpapers that are recently trending or those that are still in style in homes across the globe.
Floral Designs
Floral never goes out of style! Floral designs for wallpapers that are in trend can range anywhere from minimalist to bold, and cover all types of designs and layouts from chic to vintage. Bright monotone and large-scale floral designs are the most popular among the other floral trends today. Floral print wallpapers can be used for any kind home setting or to go with any theme from contemporary to classic.

Wildlife textures
Textured wallpaper designs like animal skin textures are tending across luxury homes around the globe. These exotic wallpapers provide a luxurious while sensual feel to a room and are use in any setting from powder rooms to libraries. A few of these textured wallpapers include reptile skin, scales, rich ostrich skin and so on.

Fairytale and Storybook wallpapers
The right wallpapers can turn any kid’s room into an adventure into a world of their own. Wallpapers for kids rooms, not necessarily the ‘textbook’ child-like designs, can range from circus imagery and designs to mythical creatures, princesses, all things fairy-tale and even interactive wallpapers with magnets to let your kids hang up their artwork.

Material and Texture
Wallpapers that can turn any old plain wall into a faux texture or illusion like wood panels, metallic blocks, stone-stacks, etc., are definitely in style today. Get Rid Of Your Plain Walls and get textured. You would not believe the change in ambiance and aesthetics with a simple faux-texture wallpaper. Textured wallpapers with the right contemporary and themed lighting can make you never want to leave your room.

A Room with a View
Wallpapers of cities, city lights, corridors, forests and famous places can not only add to the beauty of a room but also make the room look a whole lot bigger than it actually is. Wallpapers of corridors, paths, openings and balconies with a view can make a room look far more spacious and a whole lot bigger. Moreover, people are obsessed with different scenes from cities to nature; why not make your room everything you’re obsessed with. Views from cities with skyscrapers, to oceans, rivers, and forests with trees can make your room the best place to chill after a long, hard day.

Geometric always have, still are and always will be in style for a long, long time. There is nothing as classy and elegant and at the same time as artsy and aesthetically appealing as geometric designs. From simple lines and curves to complex cubes, hexagons, and triangles, geometric designs are probably the best choice for a wallpaper.

From simple designs to illusions, geometric wallpapers are perfect for modern homes, minimalist themes and to add color and life to a simple boring room.

Wallpapers are the perfect choice to bring your home to life. With the latest in digital art printing, the possibilities are endless, and your choices almost infinitive. Apart from these trends, personalized, custom and even mixed types of wallpapers are very much in style, making homes unique and aesthetic, with a personality of their own.

Your choices are unlimited to both getting the help of a professional wallpaper and wallcovering experts or to get completely personalized services from custom wallpaper designers.  


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