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10 Unbelievable Things You Could Do With Household Items

Home appliances contribute to our boring lifestyle, so its time to pull our socks up and understand what are the probable things we can do with ordinary home appliances. Here are 10 cool things to do with household items.

Use a Bar of Soap as Shaving Cream:

Ivory soap can expand if it is heated, so if you place the soap in your microwave and let it heat up for under five minutes guess what! The soap will expand and melt into cream which can be used to shave your beard.

News Paper as a Self Defense Weapon:

Oh looks like there’s an intruder lurking outside and you are left with nothing to defect yourself with. No worries you can make use of a newspaper to defend yourself, if you fold the paper in such a manner that it becomes dense enough you could actually do some damage to that scoundrel.

Pencil as a Light:

Well it looks like your car broke down and you are left stranded in the middle of nowhere at night. You wanna figure out what’s wrong but you seem to have forgotten to get your flash light well no issues a regular pencil will do. Make sure that you run a wire from each side of your car battery and connect them both sides of your pencil lead. This would provide light for about twenty minutes which is long enough for you to fix your car.

Make a Chinese Lantern Using an Aluminum Can:

Take an empty aluminum can and mark two lines around a clean empty can about two and a half centimeters from the top and bottom. Use a sharp knife to make vertical cuts about one and a half centimeter between the lines. Make another cut across the bottom to pave way for inserting two strips which can be used to hang the can. Gently press down on the can to create an opening to insert a tea light and wallah! Your Chinese lantern is ready.

Wash Off Greasy Fingerprints With a Slice of Bread:

All you need to do is rub the stained area with a slice of white bread to get rid of grease stains. It can be used on painted walls and even non washable wallpaper.

Get a Shiny Sink Using Baby Oil:

Apply a few drops of baby oil on to a soft cloth and rub it on you stainless steel sink to get a beautiful shine. You can follow the same procedure to get rid of stains from any other chrome kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures.

Use Ketchup To Keep Your Silver Jewelry Sparkly:

That’ right all you need to do is soak your silver jewelry in a bowl of ketchup and leave it for five minutes. Make sure that you don’t leave it soaked for a long period of time. Since ketchup contains distilled vinegar it would remove carbon deposits easily.

Get Rid of Tough Stains on a Marble Using Lemon and salt:

Cut a lemon in half and dip the exposed part in some table salt. Rub it vigorously on the stain, this will help you clean stubborn stains on not only marble but also brass or copper.

Polish Your Wooden Furniture With Olive Oil:

Mix two parts of olive oil with one part of white vinegar and transfer the mixed solution into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the furniture you want to clean let the mixture rest for about a minute. Use a fine fabric cloth to wipe the polish off, you will be rewarded with a surprise.

Grow Moss Between the Cracks of a Stone Path with Yogurt:

Gardening tips anyone? If you want to make your pavement look natural all you need to do is pick up a hand full of moss mix it up with yogurt in a blender by adding one quart of water. Use a paintbrush to spread the mixture between the cracks of the stone path. Make sure that the spot remains cool and shady and within a weeks time your pavement will look like a natural garden. 


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