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7 Types of Safes Which Can Protect your Valuables

Choosing a safe or vault need not be a daunting task, you can choose a safe which satisfies your needs and keeps maximizes security for your personal belongings. Safes and vaults are commonly used in corporate offices to store valuable property related documents, asset registers etc. Here are seven types of safes which are designed to protect your valuables.

Diversion Safe

A diversion safe is a type of safe which is made of an ordinary object which doesn’t arise suspicion. These ordinary objects could be books, candles, cans, wall outlet plugs, dressers or pillow covers. They help you store your valuables inconspicuously in such a manner that it can blend in with the surroundings.

Fire Resistant Safes

Fire resistant safes are best used in areas which are prone to fire accidents. They are made up of proplex sheets or gypsum boards which are designed to withstand temperatures above 350 degree Celsius. They are installed in a concrete floor which makes it impenetrable. They also prevent water from entering the safe as they are designed to be airtight.

Wall Safes

These safes are used to protect jewelry, valuable documents etc. They are designed to be inserted into walls to maximize space. They can be covered by hanging a portrait to hide them from view. Wall safes come with pry resistant doors with concealed hinges for added protection from thefts. They are designed to provide resistance to withstand heat and are impenetrable.

Electronic Safes

An electronic safe is designed with a digital lock which is enabled with a master password. These safes come with two or more motorized shooting bolts which latch onto the hinges, these bolts are designed to unlatch if the correct password is entered. Most modern safes used are electronic safes, they come with an auto freeze technology which locks up if the wrong password is entered for four times. They also come with a mechanical override key which resets the system to the default password if you have forgotten your password.

Gun Safes

Gun safes are designed to store firearms such as pistols, short guns rifles etc. They help keep your firearms out of reach from children and intruders. They are tall, thin and are built to remain bulletproof. They are commonly used by police officers and military personnel.

Smart Safes

Smart safes are designed to dispense cash, validate bills or deposit currency in an automated manner. They are used in ATM machines, coin dispensers, cash deposit machines etc. They help minimize human interaction and enable ease of use.

Free Standing Safe

Freestanding safes are fire resistant and water resistant, they are used to store sensitive paperwork, small valuables etc. They are very heavy and are reasonably priced.


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