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How To Make An Office interior A More Productive Space

Office cubicles and so-called traditional work interiors are a thing of the past. Today, corporates and start-ups are finding new and innovative ways to make office spaces more appealing and productive. The key to making your office space well-balanced is not as complex as building a rocket. However, it does require some knowledge and understanding about the way office interiors relate to office productivity.

According to the past studies conducted, enough evidence has been gathered to show that office interiors play a huge role in optimizing the efficiency of a work space. As mentioned in Undercover Recruiter’s “Does Office Design Really Affect Productivity?” there are three factors in every office setting that have an effect on the productivity of an office. These factors are quality of air, office space lighting and distractions at the place of work. Besides the math and logic behind it all, having a nice work space makes a worker happier, which motivates him (or her) to work better. 

Even though most office spaces today are based on an open type of office, the possibilities are endless. This is mainly because office interior designs today are not limited by old school ideas. While traditionalists had their focus set on increasing output through an authoritative approach, their mindset was highly fictional. This train of through is what led to office designs that were based on setting up work spaces in a way that they could be closely monitored. Most modernists and new age thinkers believe that positive sub-conscious motivation is the best approach to making workers more productive. 

Today, this positive approach to motivate workers in an office using subconscious stimulants can be achieved with a definitive yet diverse set of guidelines.


Comfort plays a key role in making workers more productive. When the furniture in the office lacks comfort or if the setting and style of the office makes workers uneasy, their performance is bound to be affected. However, too much of anything is too bad. Too much comfort could have a negative effect on how efficient a worker is. Apart from ergonomic chairs, multi-use furniture and desks with height adjustments are growing trends in office spaces.


Bold Patterns and Vibrant Colors not only provide visual appeal, but using the right colors and patterns can have a huge effect on the quality and quantity of work. Research shows that certain colors stimulate emotions and enhance functions at a subconscious level in the brain. Based on research by psychologists, colors have the following properties and effects on the human brain:

Positive impact of colors:

Red – Physical Properties - Courage, Strength, Excitement, Survival, Warmth and Energy.
Blue – Intellectual Properties – Intelligence, Trust, Calm, Coolness, Logic, Communication and Efficiency. 
Yellow – Emotional Properties – Confidence, Creativity, Optimism and Emotional Strength.
Green – Balanced Properties – Refreshment, Peace, Awareness, Balance and Harmony.
Violet – Spiritual Properties – Quality, Truth, Spiritual Awareness, Vision and Luxury.
Orange – Physical Comfort, Warmth, Fun and Passion.
Black – Substance, Efficiency and Sophistication.
White – Hygiene, Clarity, Simplicity and Efficiency.
Apart from these positives, some colors could also have a negative impact through its effects on the human brain. For example, red could promote aggression, blue could cause a lack of emotion, yellow could cause fear and anxiety and white could cause barriers in the mind.


Social interaction at the work place helps keep the whole office connected and working as one body. Recreation rooms, game rooms, and social rooms can give workers a place to escape to when they need a moment to recollect their thoughts, brainstorm or delegate work.


Sometimes, office lighting may be bright enough but can still make work feel dark and dull. Putting reflectors and sunroofs to use to spread natural light can help brighten up a work place, while helping you save power. In addition to this, installing colorful and creative overhead lights can help add some good vibes to the place.

Open Space

Adopting an Open Office style and getting rid of closed layouts is the latest trend in almost every productive office today. An open style office helps improve efficiency by breaking down barriers, in both the literal and figurative way. The use of this type of open layout is only expected to grow with development in wireless technology.

Go Green

Plants are known to make any atmosphere cleaners, lighter and more stress free. Offices today haven’t stopped with potted plants and table top mini gardens. Some corporates have gone a step further, installing living plant wall panels partitions and fittings. Plants help absorb sound and cleanse the air in the space, making workers feel fresh and rejuvenated. To extend a green theme, a few offices also promote the use of bicycles by providing workers with bike stands, lockers and changing rooms.


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