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What Are The Types of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs?

Jacuzzi hot tubs are the perfect choice for stress relief, muscle and joint pain relief and to help reduce the effects of certain chronic health conditions. They are also ideal to enhance a workout room or to bring the spa right to your home. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to choosing the right type of jacuzzi such as space restrictions, budget restrictions, capacity, purpose, and so on. Here are the following types of jacuzzis that you can choose from.

Types of Jacuzzis

There are many types of jacuzzis to choose from, and many options to consider before choosing one. Consider all alternatives before making a choice to get the best type specific to you needs. You can either choose from outdoor hot tubs or jacuzzi bathtubs, available in various designs.
Whirlpool Tubs are fitted with jacuzzi jets that force water and air into the bathtub, though special pressure jets that are embedded into the walls and floor of the tub. These pressure jets stimulate a deep tissue massage, with guaranteed pleasure and stress relief. These tubs are extremely spacious and are fitted with multiple jets to maximize your jacuzzi spa and relaxation experience.
Air Bath Whirlpool Tubs are ideal for the best hydrotherapy a hot tub can provide. These bathtubs are fitted with exceptional airflow systems that inject air into the water from the pumps placed in the tub. The air injection causes soothing currents that are sedating and more relaxing than a jetted bath massage.
Water Heater models of the two tubs, the whirlpool and air bath whirlpool tubs, inject heated water into the tub, resulting in a warm hydro-massage that is uncomparable to anything. These tubs are probably the best option to relax muscles and relax, to promote healing after a workout, and to reduce discomfort and pain caused by arthritis and other joint ailments.
Steam Shower Tubs offer the same benefits of any other jacuzzi hot tub, with the addition of a steam shower that provides a comforting stream of steamy water. The steam water can be regulated or controlled, with adjustable temperature and speed, through a shower head attached to the hot tub.
Space-saving shower jacuzzi is definitely a better alternative to a regular bathtub or hot tub, with low space requirements. These include corner bath tubs, and inground pool models, that are specially engineered to provide the maximum functionality with the minimum use of space. They come in various shapes, round, oval, square, rectangle, hexagon and kidney shaped, and also in standard bathtub shapes.
Apart from these types of feature tubs, Jacuzzi has a range of tub shells, shapes, and designs to choose from. Considering various options like additional safety, accessories based on its usage, like capacity and kids safety accessories, drain location, color, size, pump location and a lot more is always a good idea. If options are available to customize every component to make your hot tub exactly like your dream hot tub, why hesitate? Contact well-known suppliers of jacuzzis and hot tubs in the UAE to get your perfect hot tub.


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